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Here we go again!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

About ten years ago we attempted to start a website with the goal of connecting people from around the world that shared a couple similar interests: traveling and meeting people from different cultures. Unfortunately, we didn't really have the time to invest on the website. Despite this, through the website, we've met many lifelong friends and had the opportunity to share many unique experiences.

Over the last few years we've have had the ability to travel at least once a month to many different places around the world and during these adventures have met many amazing local people.

Sharing Travel Experiences and Bringing People Together

Really not sure what I can accomplish with this, but I'm hoping this site/ blog/ travel forum will be a great place for people to share their travel experiences. I'm also hoping that it will be a great place for people to connect with locals everywhere around the world.

Have a great travel experience or something you can offer a tourist? We want to hear from you.

Are you interested in sharing your travel experiences with the rest of the world? Do you have a local experience that you're willing to share with tourists? I'd be more than happy to post your content here and promote your website, Instagram, Facebook or tour company.

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